Work Package 4

Work Package 4: Delivery of Educational Programme & Capacity Building Course (Lead Organization: University Shezhen Polytechnic)

Within this work package, all the activities for the delivery, evaluation and accreditation of the course programme will take place. The programs will be delivered and tested to all PCHEIs, according to the specifications set in the previous packages. The process for accreditation will begin in each HEI. The programmes will be closely monitored by all partners and the quality will be tested There will be an internal and external evaluation of the course program which will start running in the 3rd year of the project, based on a uniform questionnaire prepared and questions to conduct an interview. The internal process of evaluation will be conducted every month with online questionnaires to the students enrolled in the course. There will also be a round of interviews every 3 months to the students and to the academic staff. The external evaluation by a Board of Experts will refer basically to the developed course, namely the methodology, learning material, students’ response to the modules and they will provide a section with recommendations for improvement of outputs. The process of evaluation will produce two evaluation reports: one interim (6 months after the initialization of the course and one after the

second round of running the course that will lead the Programme Delivery Final Evaluation Report.


4.1 Delivery of the course Programme & capacity building program

4.2 Programme Delivery Interim Evaluation Report

4.3 Accreditation Report on developed Course of PC-HEIs

4.4 Programme Delivery Final Evaluation Report

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