Work packages

Work Package 1: Preparation (Lead organization: University Santiago de Compostela)

This WP is dedicated firstly to prepare 4 different questionnaires. The first one will be a uniform questionnaire in order to conduct the adequate surveys addressed to journalism students and journalists (30 per PC-HEI) that will lead to precise and complete reports about the needs for new journalism reporting course programme in each of the Partner Countries that will result to more qualified and skilled journalism studies graduates and upskilling of in-service journalists. Moreover, questionnaires will be redacted and disseminated to at least 30 experts from academia who will give their intellectual input on the outline and methodology of the course. Additionally, there will be one uniform questionnaire for the academic staff (7 per PC-HEI) concerning their skills in teaching the course in order to define vocational training for the upskilling of academic and administrative staff. There will be a third questionnaire about best practices for the European academic staff (7 per HEI) that are experts in this field. The surveys designated to offer the data for the reports will include face-to-face & online questionnaires for the target group of students. For the academic staff of PC-HEIs interviews will be conducted based on the questionnaire prepared whereas the academic staff of European HEIs will answer a questionnaire about best practices for in teaching this kind of course. All the partners will give feedback for the research design, instructions and instruments. The research will be conducted in each respective country and at European level. By assessing the level of the available graduates and post-graduate courses and understanding the connection with the labor needs, recommendations will be provided for the proposed course programme. There will be a transfer of best practices from EU-HEIS.


1.1 Report on SDGs Journalism Reporting Course Content

1.2 Report on relevant capacity building courses and best practices

1.3 State-of-the-art report

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Prof. Óscar Rodil Marzábal

Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, University of Santiago de Compostela

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