Work Package 2

Work Package 2: Curricula & Capacity Building Training Content (Lead Organization: University of Battambang)

The development of an accredited journalism reporting in SDGs course will start with a series of meetings of EU-HEIs that will use as base the reports generated in WP1. The academic staff will establish the outline of the course and the methodology used which will be either new or tailored to the needs. It will be based on best practices’ transfer from EUHEIs in close collaboration with our Asian partners. A second step in the development phase, the course will be tailored to the particular needs for journalism students and in-service journalists. Each course will be conducted in two forms: on-the-campus and online. Therefore, it will include two sorts of educational material: the relevant material for studying on-the campus as well as the distance learning material. To promote digital online teaching method, a SDGsReporting learning environment will be developed and an e-tutor’s guide. Specifications for the development of Research Units will also be defined in this package.


2.1 Outline and methodology of the Syllabus for course

2.2 Study material for course

2.3 Capacity building Material

2.4 Specs for SDGs_Reporting Platform

2.5 E-tutor's guide:NGS

2.6 Specs for development of Research Units

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