Work Package 3

Work Package 3: Capacity Building Activities (Lead Organization: Royal University of Phnom Penh)

During this WP, firstly the SDGs_Reporting Platform will be delivered and the material will be uploaded to be tested. Academic staff, lecturers and tutors will visit the PC-HEIs in order to offer capacity building on the new course, have discussions with their peers and exchange knowledge on their field. Additionally, this package will allow professors and researchers from partner

countries to build their skills, abilities, process and resources for the delivery of the Journalism Reporting Course in SDGs. Best practices exchange and hands-on learning is an inherent part of a new curriculum. Networking actions will contribute to the strengthening of professional relations of academics from Programme and Partner Countries. They will get in contact in international consortia and will be exposed to different perspectives and gain new insights into the Sustainable Development Agenda. In these networking events businesses, researchers, lobby groups and subject experts and stakeholders will participate.


3.1 Delivery of SDGs_Reporting Platform

3.2 Study visits:PUC 3.3 Online training sessions

3.4 Delivery of Research Units

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